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Bikram Express I Divya I 60 min

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  • Bikram Yoga I Sam I 90 min

    4 Oct 2022 I 5:30pm GMT

    The original 26 & 2 hot yoga series designed for ALL levels, Beginners to Advanced. During the 90-minute session work out every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, organ and gland while systematically moving oxygenated blood to every cell of the body. Strengthen your cardio...

  • Hot Power Flow I Andy I 60 min

    5 Oct 2022 I 5:30pm GMT

    This is a music driven practice. Open this custom playlist from another device to play:

    Get ready for a fun, dynamic and powerful sequence with pace and intensity being key components of the...

  • Bikram Express I Agnese I 60 min

    6 Oct 2022 I 6:45am GMT

    A faster paced 60 minute challenge with all of the postures contained in the original. Bikram Yoga Express is a perfect way to get a powerful yet calming Bikram Yoga fix to meet even the tightest big city schedules.